Face to Face | Anna Kelley

Advocating for young people to engage with virtual worlds as a supplement and not a replacement for in-person connections.

The goal of Face to Face is to strongly advocate for the importance of forming deeper in-person connections to Generation Z. As the first generation to have been brought up surrounded by the virtual world, they are the generation who connect with this world on a whole new level. The virtual world influences adolescents the most as they are still developing and finding their identity. It is crucial for generation Z to make connections primarily in person and use the virtual world as a supplement. 

The deliverables for Face to Face is a foldable zine with a poster. Generation Z is a group that has been consumed by social media and the virtual world. It is important to create a physical deliverable to emphasize the mission, as doing something digital would be counteractive to the goal of the campaign. 

The researched lenses of history, sociology, and media studies conveyed the shift over time of technology and how a generation who is still developing is impacted by it. Directly advocating for this generation to learn about the virtual -both helpful and harmful, allows them to take control and form stronger connections.