Community Brewed | Paget Rathbun

Communities should look to Vermont to see how they connect with their local craft breweries to help define and support community.

Beer has been a part of social events, outdoor recreation lifestyles, and the ever-growing economy for ages. Community Brewed aims to connect Vermonters and others looking to live in Vermont with their local craft breweries to help define and support community. By celebrating our breweries, we also open up others’ opportunity to join our community and help support it. By looking at the history of beer, community formation, and how breweries connect with communities on an individual level, we can educate other communities on connecting with their local breweries to shape culture.


The outcomes for this project seek to call attention to community formation, specifically in Vermont. These outcomes are tangible to my audience; a sample pack of beers from Vermont is the featured item. Coasters, Tea towels, and a Tote Bag accompany the sample pack. The designs are relatively youthful and modern. Also, these items are eco-friendly and therefore adhere to Vermont community standards. 

To complete this project, I used the research lenses of History, Anthropology, and Sociology. My historical lens looks at the History of Beer and Community; this helps us learn how breweries have been perceived throughout the years. The Sociology lens looks at community formation and explores community development concerning breweries. My Anthropology lens focuses on how breweries connect with the community on an individual level; for this part of the research, I relied on Vermont communities’ interviews. This research helped inform my deliverables.