Viewpoint | Alicia O’Brien

Teaching high school juniors and seniors that their identity is not fixed, evolving as a result of new experiences and perspectives.

Viewpoint is an informational campaign and offers a way for students to engage and learn about the concept of evolving identity and the theory of habitus. High-school-age students are just beginning to gain their sense of self and understand others. With Viewpoint, they can become informed and realize that other people do not experience, perceive, or have the same life experiences as they do. 

This new information and introduction to the theory of Habitus; “The lens which the unconscious mind uses to perceive and filter the world, by combining past and present experiences inherently affecting one’s perception of the world”, should allow students to find confidence in their evolving identities. The students’ awareness of themselves would hopefully further their awareness and understanding of others, allowing my audience to become more empathetic and tolerant.

The final deliverables for viewpoint are a website with mobile-design in mind, the importance of simplicity but remaining interesting is significant as to not overwhelm my audience, but still keep them interested. Additionally, an Instagram page will allow students to directly interact with the information, discuss it, and share it. The Instagram page will link directly to the website as they will pair well together, the website acts as a “one-stop” spot for students (or anyone) to access more information about identity, Habitus, and research behind viewpoint.

For viewpoint, I researched Habitus and used Anthropology, Sociology, and Adolescent Development & Psychology to guide my research. These lenses allow me to look at different aspects of human identity and development. Whether it was human nature itself through Anthropology, or how groups interact through Sociology. It was also significant to understand my audience and how they develop, and what developmental stage(s) they are in, so I can communicate effectively. Lastly, it was important to also study the theory of Habitus, and understand it myself. That way I could successfully translate and process the information to be understandable to my younger audience.