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We can cultivate self-confidence within by studying stand-up
comedy performances.

Some students would rather drop a class instead of having to stand up and give a speech in front of others. Other students when avoidance is impossible, might use escape behaviors as a means of dealing with feared situations like leaving a party early or hiding in the bathroom. Other students to alleviate feelings of anxiety during social or performance situations might avoid eye contact, rarely speak and if they do talk quietly. In any speaking situation, whether in front of the classroom or with a group of classmates in the cafeteria, there can be some level of anxiety and lack of confidence. While it is not possible to eliminate all internal nervousness and awkwardness, it is possible to exude outward confidence with the delivery of a humorous message.

College is about starting over. Finding new friends, being away from your family, connecting with a professor who will become your mentor, and discovering that by putting yourself out there and taking risks and going off script that you will find new confidence in yourself. There will no doubt be failures along the way, but with each failure there will soon be more wins than losses. But, it is that the first year in college is important in college that you put yourself out there when you realize that everyone has the same problems.

 My process began by interviewing comedians about how they got started, how they built confidence on stage, and how they learned to deal with hecklers.