Re Engage | Oliver Phelps

Art based communities can re-engage uninspired designers and artists and encourage them to keep creating and sharing their individual talents and perspectives.

Re-engage is a community with the aim of encouraging designers to participate in art themed challenges to spark creativity and involvement. This project works to get designers more involved in the creative community and share each other’s talents and different interpretations of the day’s theme. Coming out of college it is important to be able to stay connected and engaged with other artists and share your voice and talents amongst them.

Outcomes for this project are that designers and artists will visit the Instagram page and participate in the daily challenges as well as see what others have posted as their take on the challenge. Once this grows in members a stronger sense of community will be achieved and further encourage growth and participation.

 Researching for Re-engage involves looking into mental health of individuals, community studies and the personal experiences of graduated designers and artists who have struggled with post graduation art block and have felt a loss of community since graduating.