Misplaced | Marisa Ng

Raising awareness of the challenges of Executive Functioning Disorder, in order to establish more support within the Champlain College community

Executive Function Disorder (EFD) is under-recognized and rarely discussed as a serious issue. There needs to be more awareness around EFD, as it is an invisible disability and detrimental to the person suffering. EFD often disrupts the usage of essential day to day skills and generates emotional damage. There are several misconceptions around behavior and habits displayed by students struggling with EFD. Those misconceptions can cause recurring emotional issues such as lowered self esteem, the sensation of guilt, anxiety, and frustration. Recognition of the invisible disability would create the understanding that these behaviors are not fully controllable.

I decided to create a booklet that details educational information about executive functioning and student perspectives that gives insight to different experiences in the education system. 

I researched Executive Functioning Disorder through education psychology, mental health, and neurodiversity. My primary form of research was experiential through student experiences and professional tutors in addition to consulting formal methods of research through literature and videos. It also largely stems from my personal experiences.